Date       Item      Vote                 Pass?       
1/27/09  Affordable Housing and Homelessness Prevention in Economic Recovery Package  9-0-0 Yes
1/27/09 Making Employee Free Choice Act a Very High Federal Priority 9-0-0 Yes 
2/10/09 Letter Supporting the Release of Efren Paredes, Jr.  9-0-0  Yes 
2/24/09  Support of SR7 and HR5, Urging The Repeal of Prop 8 9-0-0 Yes 
2/24/09 Proclamation Declaring February 28, 2009 as Walden Center and School Day in the City of Berkeley 9-0-0 Yes 
3/24/09 Support AB 312 To Establish An Office of Citizen Complaints for the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) Police Department 9-0-0  Yes 
3/24/09  City Sponsorship of the North Shattuck Avenue Chocolate & Chalk Art Festival 9-0-0  Yes
4/21/09 Stimulus Funds for Lawrence Berkeley Lab Remediation
9-0-0  Yes 
4/21/09 Urging Berkeley Restaurants to Remove Foie Gras from their Menus 9-0-0  Yes 
5/19/09  Co-Sponsorship of the 22nd Annual Berkeley Juneteenth Festival (Continued from April 21, 2009) 9-0-0  Yes 
6/2/09  Refer $24,702 to the FY 2010/2011 Budget Process for Funding of the Berkeley Boosters’ Life Skills Development Summer Leadership Camps 9-0-0  Yes
6/2/09 Support SB789, CA Employee Free Choice Act for Farm Workers, To Give Agricultural Employees an Alternative Method for Choosing their Collective Bargaining Representative 9-0-0  Yes 
6/2/09  Urge President Obama To End The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy and Not To Fire Lt. Dan Choi  9-0-0  Yes 
6/9/09  Calling for Release of Jesús Gutiérrez and Urging UC Berkeley to Adopt a Sanctuary Policy  7-0-2  Yes 
6/23/09  Support AJR 19, Urging Congress To Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act  9-0-0  Yes 
6/23/09  City Sponsorship of the Fond Farewell Funeral Fair 9-0-0  Yes 
7/14/09  Supporting a Constitutional Amendment to Implement an Equitable Split-Roll Property Tax  9-0-0  Yes 
7/14/09  Referral to City Manager: Naming of I-80 Bridge in Honor of Dona Spring  9-0-0  Yes 
7/14/09  Parole Commission Letter to Release Leonard Peltier  9-0-0  Yes 
7/23/09  City Co-Sponsorship of the Downtown Berkeley MusicFest  9-0-0  Yes 
7/23/09  City Sponsorship of the 2nd Annual Sit For Change Sit-A-Thon Hosted by the Center for Transformative Change  9-0-0  Yes 
9/22/09  Honoring the Life of Michelle Maykin and Urging People to Register as Bone Marrow Donors  9-0-0  Yes 
9/22/09  Declaring October 2009 as Animal Shelter Awareness Month
Revised Agenda Material 
9-0-0  Yes 
9/22/09  Opposing the Expansion of the Pardee Reservoir and Supporting the Designation of the Mokelumne River as a National Wild and Scenic River
Revised Agenda Material 
9-0-0  Yes 
9/22/09  Declaring October 10, 2009 as Indigenous Peoples Day 9-0-0  Yes 
9/29/09  Amnesty for Late Renewal Penalties for Dog Licenses  9-0-0  Yes 
9/29/09  Support For The People Of Iran In The Wake Of The National Election Of June 13, 2009  9-0-0  Yes 
10/13/09 Call for U.S. Support for Third Party Diplomatic Negotiations in the Niger Delta and Support for the Energy Security Through Transparency Act 9-0-0  Yes 
10/13/09  Support HR 3221 Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act 9-0-0  Yes 
10/27/09  Referral to Planning Commission: Allowing Beer and Wine Service for Quick Service Restaurants in the Downtown  9-0-0  Yes 
11/10/09  Urging The California State Legislature To Amend The Costa-Hawkins Act To Clarify That Inclusionary Zoning Requirements Are Not Pre-Empted By The Law  9-0-0  Yes 
11/10/09  Creation of a Housing Mitigation Fee  9-0-0  Yes 
11/10/09  Support of Rochdale Village Lease Renewal on Existing Terms  9-0-0  Yes 
11/17/09  Banning Animal Declawing  9-0-0  Yes 
12/15/09  Supporting SCA 21, Granting Legislative Authority Over UC Policy  6-1-2  Yes 
12/15/09  Request to City Manager: Report on City of Berkeley’s Involvement in SB 113 (Local Government Omnibus Act of 2009)  5-2-2  Yes 
12/15/09  Endorse Concept of Comprehensive Homeless Service Center: Berkeley HOPE 9-0-0  Yes 



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