Date Item  Vote  Pass?
2/11/14 Referral to City Manager: Exemption of Fire-Damaged Buildings from Affordable Housing Mitigation Fee 9-0-0 Yes
2/25/14 Water Conservation Measures  9-0-0 Yes
2/25/14 Senate Bill 837: Kindergarten Readiness Act of 2014  9-0-0 Yes
2/25/14 Redistricting Referendum Petition: Repeal Ordinance No. 7,320 and Consideration of Alternative Redistricting Maps  3-5-1 No
3/11/14 City Manager, Zero Waste Commission, and Community Environmental Advisory Commission Referral: Gas Pump Warning Labels  9-0-0 Yes
3/25/14 The Persian Center for the Persian New Year Festival: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds 9-0-0 Yes
3/25/14 Senate Bill 962, the “Cell Phone Kill Switch” Bill 9-0-0 Yes
3/25/14 Wearable Video Cameras for Police Officers 8-0-1 Yes
4/1/14 Referral to City Manager: Social Media Policy 9-0-0 Yes
4/29/14 Assembly Bill 2405: Ellis Act Reform   TABLED TABLED
4/29/14 Redistricting Referendum Petition: Repeal Ordinance No. 7,320; and Adopt the First Reading of an Ordinance to Amend City Council District Boundaries from the United Student District Amendment   3-5-0 No
5/6/14 Referral to City Manager/Transportation Commission: Pedestrian Safety on Sacramento Street between University and Dwight 9-0-0 Yes
5/6/14 Senate Bill 967: Sexual Assaults on Campus 9-0-0 Yes
5/6/14 Senate Bill 1381: Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods 8-0-1 Yes
5/6/14 Senate Bill 1132: Moratorium of Hydraulic Fracturing 8-0-1 Yes
5/6/14 Downtown Berkeley Association Eats, Beats & Brews: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds, and Approval of City Co-Sponsorship 9-0-0 Yes
5/6/14 Supporting CALPIRG's Proposed November City Ballot Measure to End Corporate Personhood (Revised Material) 9-0-0 Yes
5/20/14  Proclaiming May as Mental Health Month   9-0-0  Yes 
6/3/14  City Sponsorship of BrasArte’s Brazilian Day Festival on August 31, 2014  9-0-0  Yes 
6/3/14  BrasArte Brazilian Day Festival 2014: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Fund to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds  9-0-0  Yes 
6/3/14  City Co-Sponsorship and Budget Referral: Bay Area Book Festival  9-0-0  Yes 
6/3/14  1414 University Avenue   7-0-2 Yes 
6/3/14  Scheduling of City Council Meeting in July or August   TABLED  TABLED 
6/3/14  Analysis Under Elections Code Section 9212: Green Downtown and Public Commons Initiative 9-0-0 Yes 
6/10/14  Support of Assembly Bill (AB) 1756: 'Starting Over Strong'   9-0-0  Yes 
6/10/14  Assembly Bill 2372, Proposition 13: Change of Ownership   9-0-0  Yes 
6/10/14  Support Alameda County Residents' Fracking Ban Petition   9-0-0  Yes 
6/10/14  Sacramento Street Median Garden Pilot Project  9-0-0  Yes 
6/17/14  Implementation of Fair and Impartial Policing Policy, General Order B-4 (Revised Material)   9-0-0  Yes 
6/24/14  Civic Center District Overlay Zone  9-0-0  Yes 
6/24/14  Support AB 1577: Correct Gender Identification on Death Certificate for Transgender Community  9-0-0  Yes 
6/24/14  Letter Thanking Alameda County for Voting in Favor of Phase One of Community Choice Energy (CCE)  8-0-1  Yes 
6/24/14  Support SB 935 Minimum Wage Increase and Annual Adjustment  9-0-0  Yes 
6/24/14  Citizens Redistricting Commission Charter Amendment (Revised Material)  7-0-2  Yes 
7/1/14  Letter to EPA Supporting the Clean Power Plan, a 30% Reduction in Power Plant Carbon Emissions   9-0-0  Yes 
7/1/14  Letter to U.S. Department of Labor Encouraging Implementation of EEOC’s Title VII Discrimination Ban for Transgender Workers in Executive Order   9-0-0  Yes 
7/1/14  Support Congresswoman Barbara Lee's HR 4068 War Authorization Review and Determination Act   8-0-1  Yes 
7/8/14  Postal Heritage Day   9-0-0  Yes 
7/8/14  The SMOKE Act (Supplemental material 7-0-0  Yes 
7/8/14  Re-Appointment of Paul Kealoha-Blake to the Mental Health Commission   7-0-0  Yes 
7/8/14  City Sponsorship of the Third Annual Sunday Streets   7-0-0  Yes 
7/8/14  Support S. 2432 Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act and Send Letters to Six Non-Voting Senators   7-0-0  Yes 
7/8/14  Proclamation Honoring the 25th Anniversary of the Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (Revised material)  7-0-0  Yes 
7/8/14  Proclamation in Honor of Chican@/Latin@ Heritage Month  7-0-0  Yes 
7/8/14  Letter to Berkeley Unified School District Supporting "Equity in Educational Results" (Revised material) 7-0-0  Yes 
9/9/14  Humanitarian Response to Unaccompanied Minors Along U.S.-Mexico Border  9-0-0  Yes 
9/9/14  Support USPS Workers and Labor’s Boycott of Staples   9-0-0  Yes 
9/9/14  City Manager Referral: Create and Adopt an LGBTQ Equal Housing Ordinance  9-0-0  Yes 
9/9/14  Referral to Planning Commission: Amendment to B.M.C. Section 23B.44.030 - Variance from Setback Requirements for Downtown Hotel Projects  TABLED  TABLED 
9/9/14  Referral to Planning Commission: Tobacco Free School Zones  9-0-0  Yes 
9/16/14  Referral to Commission on Labor: Amendments to Living Wage Ordinance (Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 13.27)   8-0-0  Yes 
9/16/14  Contraceptive Coverage Equity Act of 2014   8-0-0  Yes 
9/30/14  The Legacy of Proposition 187   9-0-0  Yes 
9/30/14  Support Fast Food Workers  9-0-0  Yes 
9/30/14  Referral: Stolen Vehicle Recovery   9-0-0  Yes 
9/30/14  “Big Tech” Security Guards  9-0-0  Yes 
9/30/14  Calling on Gerawan Farming to Respect the Law 9-0-0 Yes 
9/30/14  Proclamation Declaring October 11, 2014 as Indigenous Peoples Day and Approving City Co-Sponsorship  9-0-0  Yes 
10/7/14  Referral to City Manager: Tonnage Limit on Milvia Street  9-0-0  Yes 
10/7/14  Tenant Screening Fee Calculation (Revised Materials)  9-0-0  Yes 
10/7/14  Berkeley Pride: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds  9-0-0  Yes 
10/7/14  City Manager Referral: Consider Immediate Actions to Prevent Continued Vandalism at the Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Solar Calendar  9-0-0  Yes 
10/7/14  Targeted Commercial Tenant Incentives  9-0-0  Yes 
10/7/14  Referral to the City Manager: Request for Funding of a Berkeley-Specific Homeless Count  9-0-0  Yes 
10/21/14  “No Pet” Policies as a Condition of Tenancy   TABLED  TABLED 
10/21/14  Fair Chance Ordinance  9-0-0  Yes 
10/21/14  Tenant Screening Fee Calculation   9-0-0  Yes 
10/21/14  Commercial District Stabilization Fee  TABLED  TABLED 
10/28/14  "Good Government" Package  6-0-1  Yes 
10/28/14  Street Sweeping Violations: Burden of Proof  4-2-1  No 
12/16/14  Refer $50,000 to the FY 2015/2016 Budget Process to Install Beacon Lights at Sacramento and Bancroft  8-0-0  Yes 
12/16/14  Release of Balloons (Revised Material)  8-0-0  Yes 

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