Date Item Vote Pass?
1/20/15 Labor Commission Referral: City of Berkeley Labor Practices TABLED TABLED
1/27/15 Flexible Work Time Initiative 9-0-0 Yes
1/27/15 City Manager Referral: Add Easily Accessible Language Translation on City Website  9-0-0 Yes
2/10/15  Support the Creation of Financial Services by the United States Post Office   9-0-0  Yes 
2/10/15  Berkeley Police Department Use of Police Vehicle In-Vehicle and Body-Worn Cameras  9-0-0  Yes 
2/10/15  Support the National Demands by Ferguson Action  9-0-0  Yes 
2/10/15  Amendments to BPD General Orders C-64 (Crowd Control), M-2 (Mutual Aid) and U-2 (Use of Force)  9-0-0  Yes 
2/10/15  Independent Investigation of Police Response to December 6, 2014 Protests  9-0-0  Yes 
2/24/15  City Co-Sponsorship of the Persian New Year Festival   9-0-0  Yes 
2/24/15  Persian Center For The Persian New Year Festival: Relinquishment Of Council Office Budget Funds To General Fund And Grant Of Such Funds  9-0-0  Yes 
2/24/15  Community Emergency Response Training for Multi-unit Residential Buildings and Emergency Cache Program Tailored to the Needs of Large Multi-unit Residential Buildings   9-0-0  Yes 
3/10/15  Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Bay Area Hispano Institute for Advancement (BAHIA): Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds   9-0-0  Yes 
3/10/15  Budget Referral: Appropriate Traffic Controls on University Avenue from Martin Luther King, Jr. Way to California Street  9-0-0  Yes 
3/10/15  City Co-Sponsorship of Urban Air Market  9-0-0 Yes 
3/10/15  Declaring the Cesar Chavez-Dolores Huerta Commemorative Period and Renaming the Cesar Chavez Commemorative Planning Committee (Supplemental Materials) 9-0-0  Yes 
3/17/15  Positive Change Donation Box Pilot Program  8-0-1  Yes 
3/17/15  Berkeley Community Commercial Sidewalks and Public Spaces  3-1-5  No 
3/24/15  Scheduling June 23, 2015 Worksession: Homeless Task Force  8-0-0  Yes 
3/24/15  Support AB 768 - Tobacco Free Baseball Act  8-0-0  Yes 
3/24/15  Assembly Bill 7: Larry Itliong Day  8-0-0  Yes 
4/7/15  Budget Referral: Housing Trust Fund Allocation   8-0-0  Yes 
4/28/15  Supporting Assembly Speaker Atkins’ Affordable Housing Package   9-0-0  Yes 
4/28/15  Referral to Reduce Urban Water Usage by 25%   9-0-0  Yes 
4/28/15  Proclaiming May 2015 as Mental Health Month   9-0-0  Yes 
4/28/15  In Support of Banning Clearcutting in California   9-0-0  Yes 
4/28/15  Proclamation in Honor of Rafael Jesús González  9-0-0  Yes 
5/5/15  Public Comment and Council Discussion on Significant Community Benefits for New Tall Buildings in the Downtown  8-0-0  Yes 
5/5/15  Additional Information Related to Significant Community Benefits for New Tall Buildings in the Downtown (Supplemental Material) 8-0-0  Yes 
5/12/15  Support SB 548: The Raising Child Care Quality and Accessibility Act   9-0-0  Yes 
5/26/15  Referral to City Manager: Amendments to Berkeley Housing Element 2015-2023   9-0-0  Yes 
6/9/15  Support the California Police Accountability Package  9-0-0  Yes 
6/9/15  Proclamation Honoring Antonio Rossman, Roger Moore and Zachary Cowan for their Work in Defending the Berkeley Main Post Office  9-0-0  Yes 
6/9/15  Budget Referral: Homeless Task Force Recommendations  9-0-0  Yes 
6/9/15  Referral to City Manager and Planning Commission: Drafting Percent for Art Ordinance, and Adding a Condition of Approval to Sizable Projects  6-1-2  Yes 
6/23/15  Direct the City Manager Develop a Schedule in Coordination with the School Board for a Three Month Pilot to Conduct City Council Meetings at the B.U.S.D Board Room at the West Campus  7-1-1  Yes 
6/30/15  Optimal Utilization of the Downtown Berkeley Main Post Office Building  9-0-0  Yes 
7/14/15  City Co-sponsorship for Downtown Berkeley Association Eats, Beats & Brews – Salsa Sundays, and Center Stage   9-0-0  Yes 
7/14/15  In Support of Medicare National Day of Action  9-0-0  Yes 
7/14/15  Increase in Business License Tax for Owners of Residential Rental Property with Tax Reductions for Small, Low or Moderate-Income Owners 8-0-0  Yes 
7/14/15  Steel Reinforcement of Balconies and Periodic Inspection of Balconies (Revised Materials 1) (Revised Materials 2) 8-0-0  Yes 
7/14/15  Referral to City Manager: Disclosure of Balcony Condition and Signage Specifying Maximum Weight Capacity (Revised Materials) 9-0-0  Yes 
7/14/15  Point-to-Point Car-Sharing  9-0-0  Yes 
9/15/15  Mandatory Green Stormwater Infrastructure in New Developments 9-0-0  Yes 
9/15/15  Letter to AC Transit Regarding Aligning Bus Schedules with Berkeley High School Class Schedule  9-0-0  Yes 
9/15/15  Proclamation Declaring Latino Heritage Month in the City of Berkeley  9-0-0 Yes 
9/15/15  Supporting Senate Bill 350 - The Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015  TABLED  TABLED 
9/15/15  Prohibit Sales of Tobacco Products to Persons Under the Age of 21  TABLED  TABLED 
9/15/15  Raising the Minimum Age for Purchasing Tobacco Products to 21
9-0-0 Yes 
9/15/15  Refer to the City Manager, Disability Commission, and Planning Commission to Develop an Ordinance Requiring New Residential Buildings to Provide Auto-door Openers and Roll-in Showers
9-0-0  Yes 
9/15/15  Send a Letter to California Public Utilities Commission Opposing the Attack on Rooftop Solar by Big Utilities TABLED  TABLED 
9/15/15  Oppose House Resolution 3009 “Enforce the Law for Sanctuary Cities Act” and Send a Letter to U.S. Senators Feinstein and Boxer  9-0-0  Yes 
9/29/15  Proclamation Declaring October 10, 2015 as Indigenous Peoples Day and Approving City Co-Sponsorship  8-0-0  Yes 
9/29/15  Send Letter to Governor Brown Encouraging Him to Sign AB 953 to Facilitate Local and Statewide Data Gathering on Racial Profiling Statistics  8-0-0  Yes 
9/29/15  Support AB 101 – Ethnic Studies for California High Schools and Creation of an Ethnic Studies Advisory Committee  TABLED TABLED 
10/13/15  Adopt a Resolution to Co-sponsor Veteran’s Day Event and Refer to the City Manager to Re-establish Support for Berkeley Veterans  8-0-0 Yes 
10/27/15  Urging the State Legislature and Governor to Repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act  9-0-0  Yes 
10/27/15  Support of Latino/Chicano Representation at UC Berkeley  8-0-1  Yes 
11/3/15  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Decrease in Fair Market Rents (FMR) for FY2016  9-0-0  Yes 
11/3/15  Opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership 9-0-0  Yes 
11/3/15  City Manager Referral: Campus National Night Out to Reduce Crime  9-0-0  Yes 
11/3/15  Allocation of Grant Funds to U.C. Theater and Kala Art Institute 9-0-0  Yes 
11/17/15  Send a Letter to California Public Utilities Commission Opposing the Attack on Rooftop Solar by Big Utilities  9-0-0 Yes 
12/1/15  Revising the Rental Housing Safety Program  9-0-0 Yes 
12/15/15  Reaffirming City of Refuge for Refugees of Syria, Iraq and Other Countries  9-0-0  Yes 
12/15/15  Updates on Police and Community Relations Referrals  9-0-0  Yes 
12/15/15  Amending Open Government Ordinance to Allow Submission of Revised/Supplemental Items  7-0-2  Yes 
12/15/15  Supporting the Undocumented Community Resource Center  9-0-0  Yes 
12/15/15  Referral to City Manager: Establishment of Affordable Housing Small Sites Program (Revised Version 9-0-0  Yes 

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