Date Item  Vote  Pass?
1/19/16 Friends of Ohlone Park Via Berkeley Partners for Parks: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Fund to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds 9-0-0 Yes
1/19/16 Tenant Buyout Agreement Ordinance 9-0-0 Yes
1/19/16 Supporting the United States Postal Service by Joining A Grand Alliance 9-0-0 Yes
2/9/16 Budget Referral: Including BigBelly Solar Compactor Bins Allocation in the 2016 Mid-Year Budget Process  9-0-0 Yes
2/9/16 Support H.R. 2612 and S. 1473 to Fund Federal Gun Violence Research and Send a Letter to President Barack Obama and Senator Diane Feinstein 9-0-0 Yes
2/9/16 Supporting Worker Cooperatives and Referral to City Manager to Develop a Worker Cooperative Ordinance 9-0-0 Yes

Zoning Amendments to B.M.C. Chapter 23C.08 - Demolition and Dwelling Unit Controls (Supplemental)

9-0-0 Yes
2/9/16  City Manager Referral: Implementation of Tier One Recommendations from the Homeless Task Force  9-0-0  Yes 
2/23/16  Public Restrooms in City Parks  9-0-0 Yes 
2/23/16  City Co-Sponsorship of the Persian New Year Festival  9-0-0 Yes 
2/23/16  The Persian Center for the Persian New Year Festival: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds  9-0-0  Yes 
2/23/16  Letter to Federal Aviation Administration Concerning the Metroplex Flight Plan  9-0-0  Yes 
2/23/16  Refer $50,000 to the FY 2016/2017 Budget Process to Install Beacon Lights at Oxford Street and Addison Street, Near the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive  9-0-0 Yes 
2/23/16  Extending Ad-Hoc Subcommittee Until July 20, 2016  9-0-0 Yes 
2/23/16  Referral to the City Manager to Co-Sponsor the “Shared Street” Pilot Program on Addison Street for Community Events with BAM/PFA  9-0-0 Yes 
3/8/16  Letter to Chancellor Dirks Urging UC Berkeley to Build More Student Housing 8-0-0 Yes 
3/8/16  Letter to the NFL Requesting Compensation for Police Services at Super Bowl City  4-2-2 No 
3/8/16  Allocating Additional Property Transfer Tax Revenue to the Housing Trust  2-2-4 No 
3/8/16  Refer to the Rent Stabilization Board to Consider Creating an Ordinance Preventing Evictions for Minor Offenses 3-1-4 No 
3/15/16  Prioritize Installation of Bicycle Lane on Fulton Street  9-0-0 Yes 
3/15/16  Official City Sponsorship of the Berkeley City College Latin American Club's "Carnaval" Event 9-0-0 Yes 
3/15/16  Support of the Coal Restriction Package 9-0-0 Yes 
3/15/16  Support UC Berkeley Subcontractor Workers and the Speakers Boycott  7-0-2 Yes 
3/15/16  Referral to City Manager: Donation of Unsold Food to Charities  9-0-0 Yes 
3/29/16  Adding Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 2.07, Revolving Door Restrictions 9-0-0 Yes 
3/29/16  Multi-Departmental Homelessness Working Group 9-0-0 Yes 
4/5/16  Send a Letter Requesting the Alameda County Superior Court Move All Berkeley, Oakland and North County Unlawful Detainer Actions and the Self-Help Center to the Oakland Courthouse 9-0-0 Yes 
4/5/16  Amending Housing Trust Fund Guidelines Regarding Prevailing Wage Requirements  Tabled Tabled 
4/5/16  City Response to Homeless Shelter Crisis Tabled Tabled 
4/5/16  Homeless Commission Referral: Examine “Tiny House” Programs and Consider Feasibility for Berkeley 9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16  Expediting Consideration of a Potential $3 million Grant to Build a Magical Bridge Playground and sending a letter of intent 9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16  Support of SB 1053 – The Housing Opportunities Act
9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16  Support AB 2757 - The Phase-In Overtime for Agricultural Workers Act of 2016 9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16  Support Senate Bill 959: Equal Pay for UC Contract Employees
9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16  Referral to Planning Commission: City-Wide Green Development Requirements 9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16  Creation of 311 Mobile Application 9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16  Proclaiming May 2016 as Mental Health Month 9-0-0 Yes 
4/26/16 Support HR 4763 and S 2697: Support the Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Recovery Act and Send Letters to Senator Barbara Boxer, Senator Diane Feinstein, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee 9-0-0 Yes 

Referral to the Housing Advisory Commission Timely Predevelopment Recommendations to Bridge/Berkeley Food and Housing Project

9-0-0 Yes 
5/10/16  Referral to Planning Commission: Community Garden Zoning 9-0-0 Yes 

Support AB 2455 - the Student Voting Act

9-0-0 Yes 
5/17/16 City Response to Homeless Shelter Crisis  9-0-0 Yes 
5/17/16 Addressing the Housing Emergency 9-0-0 Yes 

Budget Referral: Police Foot Patrol in Downtown

8-0-0 Yes 
5/24/16 Oppose AB 2312 Tabled Tabled 
5/24/16 Referral to the Budget Process: Restore Funding for the Housing Retention Program 8-0-0 Yes 
5/24/16 Paid Sick Leave 6-2-0 Yes 
5/31/16  Tenant Protection Ordinance (Revised Version) 9-0-0 Yes 
5/31/16 Transportation Commission Referral: Support the "Southside Pilot Project" for Transit Improvements  9-0-0 Yes 
5/31/16 Support AB 2200, 2406, 2411 - The Thurmond Housing Package 9-0-0 Yes 
5/31/16 Support AB 2502 - Protecting Local Inclusionary Housing Programs 9-0-0 Yes 
6/14/16 City Co-sponsorship for Downtown Berkeley Association Eats, Beats & Brews – Salsa Sundays 9-0-0 Yes 
6/28/16 Ban-the-Box for Employers doing Business with the City of Berkeley 9-0-0 Yes 
6/28/16 Ballot Measure to Lower the Voting Age of School Board Elections to Sixteen 9-0-0 Yes 
7/7/16 Small Business Development Package 7-0-0 Yes 
7/7/16 Establishing a Citizens Budget Review Commission Tabled Tabled 
7/7/16 Creation of Transportation Impact Fee 7-0-0 Yes 
7/7/16 Vacancy Registration Fee Tabled Tabled 
7/12/16 Extending Operating Hours in Commercial Districts 8-0-0 Yes 
7/12/16 Support the California Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Initiative (#15-0103) Proposal for the November 2016 Ballot
9-0-0 Yes 
7/12/16 Opposition to Sutter Health Corporation's Plans to Cease Operations at Alta Bates Hospital 9-0-0 Yes 
7/12/16 Letter Urging Opening of Public Restrooms at Downtown Berkeley BART 9-0-0 Yes 
7/12/16 Send Letter to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters to Request More Ballot Drop Boxes in the City of Berkeley  9-0-0 Yes 
7/19/16 Permit Service Center Improvements 9-0-0 Yes 
9/13/16 Ad-Hoc Committee on a More Open Government Recommendations on the Good Government Package  8-0-0 Yes 
9/13/16 Worksession on Improving City Council Meeting Process 7-0-1 Yes 
9/13/16 Support for Providing Medication Abortion Services at the Tang Center 8-0-0 Yes 
9/13/16 Opposition to Business License Tax Initiative Sponsored by Large Landlords
Tabled Tabled 
9/13/16 Urging the California State Legislature to amend or oppose the “By Right Housing Approvals” Budget Trailer Bill
Tabled Tabled 
9/20/16 Proclamation Declaring October 8, 2016 as Indigenous People's Day and Approving City Co-Sponsorship 9-0-0 Yes 
9/20/16 Permitting US Presidential Debates Outdoor Display on BAM/PFA Screen 9-0-0 Yes 
9/27/16 Addressing Increased Aircraft Noise 7-0-0 Yes 
9/27/16 Urging the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to Place Caps on Refinery Gas Emissions  7-0-0 Yes 
9/27/16 Co-Sponsorshipof 2nd Annual Celebrando Communidad en la La Placita 7-0-0 Yes 
9/27/16 Supporting Standing Rock Sioux Protests against North Dakota Pipeline 7-0-0 Yes 
10/18/16 Retroactive City Sponsorship of Latino Heritage Month 9-0-0 Yes 
10/18/16 Establishing a Committee on City/UC Berkeley/Student Relations 9-0-0 Yes 
10/18/16 Send a Letter to President Obama Requesting a Pardon for Edward Snowden, an American Whistleblower Hero Who Defended Civil Liberties  9-0-0 Yes 
10/18/16 City Plan for Emergency Shelter During the Winter Season 8-0-1 Yes 
11/15/16 Bridge Housing Strategies/Extension of Homeless Shelter Crisis 8-0-0 Yes 
11/29/16 Urban Agriculture Package 8-0-0 Yes 
12/8/16 Establishing a Rotating Schedule for Vice-President of the Council 8-0-0 Yes 
12/8/16 Appointments to City Council Committees and Regional Bodies 8-0-0 Yes 
12/8/16 Seating Arrangement for Councilmembers during City Council Meetings  8-0-0 Yes 
12/13/16 Retroactive City Sponsorship of the Sunrise Gathering 8-0-0 Yes 
12/13/16 City Manager Referral: To Find Tiny Homes Display Locations 8-0-0 Yes
12/13/16 Emergency Measures to Address Homeless Crisis 7-0-1 Yes
12/13/16 Establishment of Joint Subcommittee for the T1 Infrastructure Bond Tabled Tabled 

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