Date Item Vote  Pass?
1/24/17 Emergency Measures to Address Homeless Crisis 7-0-1 Yes
1/24/17 Sixth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration January 16, 2017: City Sponsorship and Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds 8-0-0 Yes
1/24/17 Support for SB 54 California Values Act 8-0-0 Yes
1/31/17 Opposing the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act 8-0-0 Yes
1/31/17 Public Process for Implementation of Measure T1 8-0-0 Yes
1/31/17 City Maintained Below Market Rate Units (BMR) Online Resource 8-0-0- Yes
2/14/17 Small Sites Acquisition Program and Tenant Opportunity to Purchase 8-0-0 Yes
2/14/17 Direct City Manager to Accept Late Application for 201-2019 Budget Cycle Community Agency Grants, and to Provide Enhanced Information and Support for Community Agencies During the Application Process 8-0-0 Yes
2/28/17 Longfellow Arts & Tech School PTA: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds 8-0-0 Yes
2/28/17 Increasing the Parking Permits Guidelines for Two BUSD Schools with Limited Access to Public Transit 8-0-0 Yes
2/28/17 Supporting CA Assembly Bill 43 - State Incarceration Prevention Fund 8-0-0 Yes
2/28/17 Berkeley Deep Green Initiative 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Amending BMC Chapter 12.96: Regulating Changes to Health Care Facilities 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Approving City Co-Sponsorship of the Persian New Year Festival 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Support SB 3 - The Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Support of SB 300 (Monning): The Health Warning Label on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Act 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Denouncing Presidential Executive Order to Build a Border Wall and Urging the City of Berkeley to Divest from Companies Supporting or Participating in the Construction of a Border Wall 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Potential Recreational Opportunities at Willard Park and Pool 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Tenant Protection Ordinance, Amending BMC Chapter 13.79 8-0-0 Yes
3/14/17 Opposing Religious and Ethnic Registries, Participation in the Federal Executive Order of an Immigration Ban and Restricting the Use of City Resources to Support such Registries and Bans 8-0-0 Yes
3/28/17  Issue and RFP to Develop a Specific Housing Project with Units and Facilities Appropriate for Formerly Homeless and other Very Low Income Residents TBA  TBA 
3/28/17  Support for the Investigation to Impeach President Donald Trump  TBA  TBA 
3/28/17  Anti-Displacement Public Advocate  TBA  TBA 
4/4/17 Support of SB 687 - Attorney General Authority on Hospital Closures TBA TBA
4/4/17  Support of AB 1506: Repeal of Costa-Hawkins  TBA  TBA 
4/4/17  Support of AB 1038: Tuition Free Public Education by 2030  TBA  TBA 
4/4/17  Amending BMC Section 23C.22.050, Short-Term Rental Regulations   TBA  TBA 
4/4/17  Plan to Address Berkeley's Homeless Crisis: The Pathways Project  TBA  TBA 
4/4/17  Appointments to City Council Committees and Regional Bodies  TBA  TBA 
4/4/17  Adopt a Fresh Start Resolution: Reconstitution of the Board of Library Trustees, by Removal and Replacement of Existing Appointed Board  TBA  TBA 
 TBA Non-Voting UC Berkeley Student Representative to the Berkeley City Council TBA TBA 

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