Affordable Housing Amendment

Amendment, “Addressing the Housing Emergency”

Adopt the following position:

  1. Urge the State Legislature to amend the Ellis Act to prevent the flipping of properties by restricting the use of the Ellis Act to owners who own their property for 5 years or more.

Refer the following proposals to the City Manager: 

  1. Develop an Affordable Housing Funding Plan, identifying funding from a variety of sources: Transfer Tax Surplus, General Fund revenues, Transient Occupancy Tax, State and federal monies, community benefit funds. Set a goal of creating 500 units of low-income housing over the next five years.
  2. Explore the creation of a Speculation Tax, which would increase the real property transfer tax for multi-unit properties of two units or more which turn over within a year of purchase to 24 percent, and 14 percent if property is sold within five years.
  3. Explore a land acquisition fund to purchase properties for use by the City or non-profit agencies for affordable housing.
  4. Explore ways to capture vacant units for housing, including through the Small Sites Program.
  5. Build more housing for students at locations close to the UC campus as called for in the Southside Plan. Work with the Berkeley Student Cooperative to expand relatively affordable co-op housing.
  6. Prioritize public-owned land for affordable housing, consistent with General Plan Policy LU-32 which sets a goal of 50% of the housing units built on the Ashby BART station site to be affordable to low and very-low income households.
  7. Expand funding for eviction defense services to keep existing tenants in their homes


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