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September 2016

September 5th: Berkeley City Council Finds Compromise on Raising Minimum Wage

August 2016

August 30th: Construction Begins on Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza

August 24th: U.S. Postal Service Files Lawsuit Against Berkeley Over Zoning Ordinance

August 11th: Council Cancels Special Meeting on Minimum Wage

July 2016

July 31st: City Council Approves Rebate for Hotel Located on Shattuck Avenue

July 19th: Op-Ed: Environmental Issues Must be Solved with Berkeley Values

July 13th: Berkeley Council Criticizes Hospital Closure Plans

June 2016

June 29th: Will Berkeley Cut a Deal with Airbnb or Vote to Regulate Short-Term Rentals?

May 2016

May 31st: Op-Ed: City Must Take Comprehensive Approach to Housing Crisis

May 24th: Berkeley City Council to Discuss Results of New Referral Prioritization System

May 23rd: Council Moves to Address Shelter Crisis

April 2016

April 27th: Alta Bates Emergency Services to be Relocated to Oakland by 2030

March 2016

March 16th: Berkeley City Council Passes Item in Support of Campus Speakers' Boycott

March 15th: 2 Berkeley Officials Call for Fulton Street Bike Lane

March 8th: Op-Ed: Housing Crisis Demands Attention from State, Campus

March 2nd: Berkeley Votes to Boost Co-op Economy in the Face of Gentrification

February 2016

February 28th: Campus Students Rally for Affordable Student Housing on Friday

January 2016

January 26th: Bike Share Program to Expand to Berkeley, other East Bay Cities

January 25th: UC Berkeley Arts Museum and Pacific Film Archive to Open its Doors




December 2015

December 14th: After June Balcony Collapse, City, County Officials Take Action

December 13th: Councilmember Jesse Arreguin Hosts Community Meeting Saturday to Discuss Homelessness

November 2015

November 17th: Op-Ed: Support the Recommendations of the Homeless Task Force

October 2015

October 28th: Irish President Michael Higgins, Berkeley Honor Victims of Balcony Collapse with Lasting Tribute

October 23rd: State Building Commission Considers Changes Responding to Berkeley Balcony Collapse

October 16th: Facing the Housing Crisis, Berkeley and Emeryville Lawmakers are Advancing Numerous Solutions

October 15th: Homeless Task Force Presents Recommendations Regarding Berkeley Public Restrooms

September 2015 

September 29th: Berkeley Police Data Shows Racial Disparities, Civil Rights Leaders Say

August 2015

August 26th: Councilman Proposes Increasing Buying Age for Tobacco to 21

August 5th: Squeezed Out: The Shrinking Availability of Berkeley's Affordable Housing

July 2015

July 15th: Berkeley Balconies Now Must have Inspections, Tougher Building Codes

July 14th: Balcony Collapse Spurs Criticism of Berkeley's Apartment Inspections

June 2015

June 25th: City Council Refers Short Term Rentals Proposal to Planning, Housing Advisory Commissions

June 22nd: Berkeley Balcony Collapse: Owners of Building Told of Dry Rot Problems 20 Months Before Tragedy

June 16th: Six Irish College Students Killed in California Balcony Collapse

May 2015

May 13th: Downtown Berkeley to Host Inaugural Bay Area Book Festival

May 7th: Berkeley Council says Affordable Housing, Union Labor should be Priority Community Benefits

April 2015

April 21st: City of Berkeley Creates Twitter Account, Explores Social Media Opportunities

April 16th: City of Berkeley's Water Supplier Declares 20 Percent Cutback on Water Usage

April 16th: Workshop Held to Discuss Community Benefits from Downtown High-Rises

March 2015

March 17th: Services, not Citations, Needed to Address Homelessness

March 13th: Berkeley Residents Priced Out of Homes as Rental Rates Rise

March 8th: State to Audit UC, CSU's Property Tax Exemption

March 5th: City Council to Examine Report on Telegraph Channing Mall

February 2015

February 11th: Berkeley City Council Passes Items Regarding Police Action at December Protests

February 10th: Op-Ed: Tear Gas should not Choke our Democracy

February 5th: City Gears Up with Community to Plan Revitalization of Adeline Street

January 2015

January 29th: U.S. Postal Service makes Motion to Dismiss City's Complaint, Removes Building from Market

January 20th: City Transportation Pilot Comes to Close after 18 Months of Operation

January 17th: Officials Reflect on Race, December Protests at Council Meeting




December 2014

December 11th: Police Review Commission Supports Restricting Use of Tear Gas, other Crowd-Control Techniques

December 10th: 2 Officials Demand Investigation into Police Tear Gas Use in Berkeley Protest Saturday

October 2014

October 23rd: Proposed Law would Make All Housing Pet-Friendly in One California City

October 2nd: Berkeley City Council Calls on Gerawan Farming to Comply with Labor Laws

September 2014

September 30th: With Berkeley set to Change Civic Center Zoning, US Postal Service Ponders Lawsuit

September 10th: Berkeley City Council Lights Way for more Tobacco-Free Legislation

July 2014

July 9th: Berkeley City Council Votes to Adopt Housing Recommendations from NAACP

April 2014

April 1st: Berkeley Officials: Social Media 'Critical' for Transparency

February 2014

February 11th: Op-Ed: Avoid Putting the Student District on the Ballot 




December 2013

December 5th: Renovations Planned for Downtown Berkeley BART Plaza

November 2013

November 20th: City Property Owners May be Required to Retrofit Seismically Unsafe Buildings

September 2013

September 13th: Berkeley City Council to Reassess Affordable Housing Fee

August 2013

August 14th: New Talks on Homelessness in Berkeley Start Thursday

July 2013

July 2nd: goBerkeley Program Aims to Increase Parking Availability in Berkeley

March 2013

March 13th: Persian Fire-Jumping Festival Delights Berkeley Residents

March 4th: Looming Sequester Cuts Pose Grim Challenges for City Officials

February 2013

February 12th: Annual Study Cites Bay Area as Second-Worst Traffic in the Country

January 2013

January 31st: Berkeley Moves Towards a Consensus Homeless Plan

January 30th: Biennial Homeless Count for Alameda County Commences

January 25th: Op-Ed: A Compassionate Sidewalks Proposal

January 24th: Op-Ed: After Measure S, it's Time to Act on Homelessness




November 2012

November 14th: Berkeley Residents Protest Relocation of Historic Downtown Post Office

October 2012

October 23rd: Neighbors Demand Safer Streets in Berkeley's District 4

October 1st: Governor Vetoes Legislation Aimed at Protecting Undocumented Immigrants from Deportation for Minor Offenses

September 2012

September 15th: Meeting Held for Residents to Voice Concern over Post Office Relocation

August 2012

August 7th: Downtown Berkeley Participates in National Night Out

July 2012

July 8th: Op-Ed: State Senate's Passage of TRUST Act is a Step Towards Justice, Fairness

July 6th: State Senate Passes Bill Limiting Obligation to Detain Immigrants

June 2012

June 23rd: City of Berkeley will not Hold Illegal Immigrants for Minor Offenses

April 2012

April 10th: Study Finds Lack of Students, Ethnic Diversity on City Commissions

March 2012

March 19th: Students, City Officials to Collaborate to Form Working Group

January 2012

January 30th: City of Berkeley could Move Funds out of Wells Fargo




December 2011

December 5th: City Looks to Tackle Noise Issue from News Helicopters

October 2011

October 18th: Berkeley Council Members Suggest Electronic System to Remind Residents of Street Sweeping

October 2nd: City Considers Ways to Make Berkeley more Electric Car Friendly

September 2011

September 21st: Berkeley to Look into Vacancy Fee for Empty Stores

September 21st: Council to Send Letter Urging Removal of Pro Plastic Bag Language in State Curriculum 

June 2011

June 19th: City Council Member Meets with Obama

May 2011

May 5th: Crime Prevention Top of Mind for a Berkeley Community

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