Short Term Rentals


Adopt the following amendments to the Short-Term Rental Regulations Ordinance:

23C.22.020 Applicability

C. A property containing a unit with a No-Fault Eviction cannot operate Short-Term Rentals for five years unless it is a single-family home that has been vacated for purposes of Owner Occupancy in compliance with the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

D. Short-Term Rentals are allowed in Accessory Buildings and in existing Accessory Dwelling Units (“ADU”s), unless such ADUs or Accessory Buildings have been or are being used for long term rentals, as defined by the requirements of the Rent Stabilization and Good Cause for Eviction Ordinance.. Short-Term Rentals shall not be allowed in Accessory Dwelling Units permitted after the date of this ordinance.

23C.22.030 Definitions

E. “Host Residence” means a Host’s domicile principal place of residence, as defined by whether the Host carries on basic living activities at the dwelling place and is the Host’s usual place of return. as documented by Motor vehicle registration, driver’s license, voter registration or other evidence as may be required by the City shall be indicia of principal residency.

23C.22.040 Permit Required

Short-Term Rentals are permitted only in the Host Residence. A Zoning Certificate for Short-Term Rental shall be required for each Host to operate a Short-Term Rental.

23C.22.050 Operating Standards and Requirements

K. The Host shall be responsible for listing on any rental ad the Zoning Certificate number. The host shall also provide both the Business License number, if required pursuant to Chapter 9.04,and Zoning Certificate for the STR to the City and/or a vendor hired by the City to administer this Chapter, upon request.

L. No Hosting Platform shall facilitate the Short-Term Rental of any unit that does not possess a valid Zoning Certificate and Business License, if required pursuant to Chapter 9.04, at the time of such rental. 

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