Did you know that the weight of a baby at birth, whether they go to a pre-school or not, and how they do in school can often be predicted based on the child's address? In Berkeley, African American children are six times more likely to live in poverty than white children, have lower test scores and much more likely to drop out of school. 2020 Vision and Beyond is a citywide movement whose goal is to end the disparities in academic achievement --the result of systemic racism, generations of incarceration, lack of opportunity and poor self-esteem-- that contribute to wide disparities among our students. 

By working with the schools, city departments, post-secondary institutions, community groups, and families, the initiative works to maximize impact on kindergarten readiness, reading proficiency by the end of 3rd grade, math proficiency by the end of 8th Grade, college and career readiness and improved health and attendance. In addition, 2020 Vision and Beyond focuses on the needs of college age students to ensure that every graduating senior has a pathway to college and career.

This “cradle-to-career” approach targets interventions at key points of a student's life aimed at ending the racial inequities in academic achievement.

The initiative is made possible through continued partnership with Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD), UC Berkeley, and several community collaborators.