Mayor's Statement on Shooting at San Pablo Park


I am horrified and saddened to hear about yesterday’s shooting at San Pablo Park that injured three people. Unfortunately this is not the first time a shooting has occurred in the San Pablo Park neighborhood in recent years. Initial reports suggest this was a drive by shooting in which one of the victims may have been the target. 

I want to thank our first responders who responded immediately providing medical care to the victims and who are continuing to investigate this terrible crime. I will be meeting with the City Manager this week to discuss what proactive measures we can take to address violence and improve safety in this neighborhood. For now, BPD will be increasing its patrols in the San Pablo Park neighborhood. 

It is unacceptable for a shooting to take place in our community, especially in broad daylight in front of families and children. Parks are a place where everyone should feel welcome and safe. Yet today, I have heard from neighbors of the park who have expressed fear and anger over recent violence in the area. The safety of our community is my highest priority, and we must and will do better to ensure the safety of our residents.

Our Police Department is continuing to investigate the shooting. If you have any information about this, please contact the Berkeley Police Department at 510-981-5741. You can also email tips to police@cityofberkeley.infoAdditionally, BPD has recently launched a voluntary Security Camera Registry, which will help neighbors partner with our police to expedite and assist in investigations. If you have a security camera and are interested in joining the program, visit:

BPD will share whatever information it can in this case when it becomes available. To stay informed we encourage residents to sign up for BPD updates on NixleNextdoorGovDelivery and Twitter. Signing up for one or more of these is a good way to stay aware of developments and learn important safety information. 

Jesse Arreguin