Presentation #1

Support for “step down heights” principle shown

Presentation #2

Parking at BART does not need to be replaced

2 stories over whole site is restrictive

Don't need to replace all the parking, hills residents can bus downtown

Good architectural style

There needs to be additional parking spaces, all low income housing

Not visionary enough


Presentation #7

Good mix of heights

Too much parking

Taller heights would allow for more amenities and open space

Not appropriate for neighborhood

Good balance between housing production (especially with the tower) and community needs, like access to open spaces

"Iconic restaurant" and tower not appropriate for residential neighborhood

The "transit village" is far too high, too dense, and too ugly

Yes, replace all 800 spots and add 100 more; "tower" suggestion wouldn't work for this neighborhood

Good focus on increasing the amount of housing available in the neighborhood in a realistic way


Presentation #8

Love that it connects to the greenway

Love that plan creates middle income housing

Focus on missing middle is important, but would be more appropriate for the surrounding blocks, which should be upzoned

Love mixed use and variety of forms

Love the style and scale of the buildings, "missing middle" is a great concept for this site

Should have more units than BART minimum

Appropriate variety of housing types

Could include 7 stories

Too tall

Not dense enough


Presentation #9

Oxford Plaza is great downtown, but too urban for North Berkeley BART


Presentation #11

Creative and realistic, we want more neighbors

Gorgeous rendering, but wrong scale for this site

Too tall

Good vision for a lot of housing and very different activities balanced with parking

Absolutely ridiculous

Blocks the view


Presentation #15

Needs to be great, but looks like status quo


Presentation #16

Too little housing, too much parking

Excellent scale, nicely shaped buildings, community meeting spot, good if limited to 4 stories,

Like view corridor.

Multi-modal access is important, no surface parking

One is the best designs, very thoughtful about use and emergency contingencies, must be sure to keep the view

Housing is more important than views of Mt. Tam

Focus on parking and open space is misguided, aiming to keep views of Mt. Tam isn't a high priority


Presentation #17

Most feasible of proposals

Replace parking with homes


Presentation #18

Interesting to pickup and drop-off


Presentation #19

Good traffic control

Greening whole site interesting but not sure if feasible

No building facades are a concern

Too much parking

Like the green space, but too tall

Like the idea of 2-3 stories, underground parking, and a path over the buildings

Can we offer housing units to people who don’t own cars? Create a carless complex, except for commuters who drive to BART

Like the large park 2 stories up; it's big, but not bulking


Presentation #20

Too short, new street?

Bikeway connection and access to vehicles from Virginia to Sacramento good idea

Non-starter; too high, huge, boxy, unattractive, no provision for replacing the needed parking it would displace, structurally impractical

Well done connecting Greenway


Presentation #22

Internal streets should be 15 mph or less, some 7-story height

I like the idea of private courtyards, but not sure they'd work out with the need for Ohlone open space

Fine print of "up to 8 stories" is not okay

No. Housing should be all low income, disabled, senior and not for students

Good focus on housing and good diversity of housing types


Presentation #25

Student housing poor choice

EVCs are invasive

Open space must be part of site

Too tall at the edges

Amazing idea that combines the life lessons of elders with the next generation responsible for a bright future

Good idea to continue Ohlone Greenway and integrate as much greenspace as possible


Good, thoughtful, students won't need cars, advantage of increased multi-generational community

Love the idea of natural + vegetation and a grove of native plantings

Like that there’s only one coffee shop and no other businesses


Presentation #26

Very thoughtful

Involvement of Ohlone a great idea

Architecture too repetitive

General Feedback

need housing for people commuting into Berkeley

build on San Pablo where people can take the bus

building should be no more than 2 stories

no commercial

need more parking not less

no retail

need community hall and could be used as earthquake shelter

need handicapped parking

dedicated senior housing

there are creeks that flow under neighborhood

there was a plan 50 years ago to build housing - can't wait any longer

1-2 stories on periphery

10 foot setback from sidewalk

green space

ok 3-4 stories at center

"green" entire BART parcel

engineering issues

BART and City should be required to provide permit parking to neighborhoods within 10-block radius

no mini-cities in Berkeley

city should share equity in some way so that it can make sure there is low income housing

should build town houses and mid-rise apartments on the parking lot across from the North Berkeley BART station

Need to prioritize homes for new residents instead of pushing them to the suburbs and forcing them to drive in to Berkeley

#15 has the most inspiring design

BART parking would be less of an issue if last mile service were better; current buses are too slow, infrequent, and ends too early. BART and bus service has to be improved

there should be less focus on parking unless the fees pay for cost of construction, need separate paths for pedestrians, bikes, and vehicles

Development should be limited to 1-2 stories when across from single-family homes, good idea to continue Ohlone Greenway and integrate as much greenspace as possible - public and private balconies and terraces for personal gardens

dislike the proposals targeting minimum housing density