Statement on the Second Anniversary of Library Gardens Tragedy

Two years ago we witnessed one of Berkeley’s darkest days. The tragedy at Library Gardens will always weigh deeply in our hearts. As we reflect on the anniversary and remember the lives we lost, I also want to reflect on the heroism of our first responders who managed the situation exceptionally in the face of unimaginable devastation. Since then, the city has passed laws to ensure a similar tragedy is avoided by requiring an inspection of all existing residential balconies and tightening requirements on the materials and design of future structures.

Berkeley has always shared a special bond with Ireland, and we cherish our relationship with the J1 program. It is during the worst moments that bring out the best in people, and the outpouring of support during a time of grieving and great sorrow shows just how resilient and compassionate humanity can be. My thoughts and prayers will always be with the victims and their friends and families. Let us continue to hold in our memories the six young students whose light was extinguished too soon.

Jesse Arreguin