Berkeley Mayor Reaffirms Commitment on World Environment Day

Berkeley, CA --  As local, national, and international leaders condemn Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin has doubled down on his efforts to promote environmental and sustainable policies. Today, on World Environment Day, Arreguin submitted a Resolution to the Council on having the City of Berkeley honor the goals set forward by the Paris Agreement.

Last week, Mayor Arreguin joined in a statement by the Climate Mayors declaring that local jurisdictions will take a leadership role on climate change. “Climate change is real and will have a real and devastating effect on our local communities," Arreguin said. "Trump's disastrous decision to back out of the Paris Accord will have devastating impacts to green jobs, climate change, and our country's standing as a world leader. While we had hoped that the federal government would show leadership in the face of this crisis, it now turns to us, local and state governments to take the lead. The City of Berkeley has always been at the forefront of environmental leadership. Now more than ever, it is urgent we take bold leadership to address the climate crisis. I am introducing legislation for Berkeley to continue its commitment to the Paris Accord. I have signed a statement with 211 mayors representing 54 million Americans to take action in protecting our only home. The world cannot wait and neither will we.”

Additionally, in a tweet published today, the Mayor announced that he signed a pledge to support 100% renewable energy in Berkeley. Arreguin currently serves on the Board of Directors for the newly formed East Bay Community Energy, a community-governed power supplier which aims to provide most of Alameda County with renewable energy by spring 2018. Similar programs already exist in San Francisco, Marin, and Sonoma counties, with sixteen counties throughout the state exploring this concept. Jesse Arreguín Mayor The Berkeley City Council will vote on the Resolution to uphold the Paris Agreement on June 27th .

Jesse Arreguin