Statement on Inauguration of President Donald Trump

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin today issued the following statement regarding the inauguration of President Donald Trump:

“Many people across Berkeley and this country have expressed deep concern over the new administration’s agenda. As Mayor of Berkeley – a diverse city with a long history of political activism – I reiterate my strong commitment that Berkeley will continue to be a beacon of light during dark times. We will remain a sanctuary city, and we will protect the rights of our residents.”

“The transition of power is a cornerstone of our democratic process, whether we agree with it or not. But we have a democratic obligation to hold our elected officials accountable. This is exactly what I plan to do, and I call on everyone else to do the same. The record-breaking protests planned in the Bay Area over the next couple of days is a testament to the commitment of our region to holding the new administration accountable.”

“In his inaugural address, President Trump called upon building unity and providing a voice to those who have become forgotten. But this cannot be done through mass deportations that break apart families, or continuing the mass incarceration of minorities, stripping them of their rights. A role of the President is to bring people together, not to ignite feuds on Twitter; to build bridges across communities, not walls; and to ensure and expand the rights of our residents, not restrict access to healthcare, voting, or media. Let it be clear that misogyny, racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia have no place in the White House or anywhere in society.”

“As we begin this new chapter in American history, we must be vigilant and raise our voice to ensure that our future is written by we the people, and not an elite handful of billionaires. The American people have risen to the challenge of fighting for our rights against regressive thinking administrations in the past, and I am confident that if we unite, we will continue to move the progressive torch forward through this storm.”

Jesse Arreguin