Vision 2050 Task Force

Quality of Life

Erin Diehm, Parks and Waterfront Commission

Jose Lopez, Communities for Better Environment

Toni Mester, Former Parks and Waterfront Commission

Karen Parolek, Transportation Commission

Debbie Sanderson, Former Planning Department

Sam Trachtenberg, BHS student

Monika Mann, Johns Hopkins University



Max Gomberg, State Water Resources Control Board

Kristina Hill, UC Berkeley Professor

Jim McGrath, Public Works and Parks and Waterfront Commissions

Bruce Riordan, Climate Readiness Institute

Margo Schueler, Zero Waste Commission

Kira Stoll, UC Berkeley Sustainability Officer

Ana Whitney, UC Berkeley student

Bob Flasher, Disaster and Fire Safety Commission



Sachu Constantine, Vote Solar

Paul Degenkolb, Disaster and Fire Safety commission

John Elliott, Lawrence Berkeley Lab Sustainability Officer

John Gage, Former Sun Microsystems

Ben Gerhardstein, Former Transportation Commissioner

Jaimie Levin, Center for Transportation and Environment

Emily Marthinsen, UC Berkeley Campus Architect

Nicholas Oxley, Transportation Commission

Ray Yep, Public Works Commission Chair

Cate Leger, Energy Commission


Finance Management

Amanda Bornstein, Port Workspaces

Tony Bruzzone, Transportation Commission

Abigail Franklin, Haas Business School

Rashi Kesarwani, Health and Housing Advisory Commissions

Victoria Legg, Disaster and Fire Safety Commission

Sophia Skoda, EBMUD

Gordon Wozniak, Former Councilmember


City of Berkeley Staff and Elected Officials

Jesse Arreguin, Mayor

Andrew Brozyna, Deputy Public Works Director

Timothy Burroughs, Planning Director

Brandi Campbell, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office

Nate Dahl, Department of Health, Housing, and Community Services

Scott Ferris, Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront Director

Phil Harrington, Public Works Director

Kate Harrison, Councilmember

Nisha Patel, City Engineer

Billi Romain, Planning Department

Tano Trachtenberg, Legislative Assistant, Mayor's Office

Susan Wengraf, Councilmember

Rigel Robinson, Councilmember