2017 Council Items

1/24 Emergency Measures to Address Homeless Crisis; Passed

1/24 Sixth Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration January 16, 2016: City Sponsorship and Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed on consent

1/24 Support for SB 54 California Values Act; Passed on consent

1/31 Opposing the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act; Passed on consent

1/31 Public Process for Implementation of Measure T1; Passed

1/31 City Maintained Below Market Rate Units (BMR) Online Resource; Passed

2/14 Emergency Measures to Address Homeless Crisis(Regulating Sidewalks); Passed

2/14 Small Sites Acquisition Program and Tenant Opportunity to Purchase; Passed

2/14 Direct City Manager to Accept Late Applications for 2017-2019 Budget Cycle Community Agency Grants, and to Provide Enhanced Information and Support for Community Agencies During the Application Process; Passed

2/28 Longfellow Arts & Tech School PTA: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed

2/28 Increasing the Parking Permit Guidelines for Two BUSD Schools with Limited Access to Public Transit, Passed

3/14 Amending BMC Chapter 12.96: Regulating Changes to Health Care Facilities; Passed

3/14 Approving City Co-sponsorship of the Persian New Year Festival; Passed on consent

3/14 Support SB 3, the Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018; Passed

3/14 Support of SB 687 – Attorney General Authority on Hospital Closures; Passed

3/14 Support of SB 300 (Monning): The Health Warning Label on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Act; Passed

3/14 Denouncing Presidential Executive Order to Build a Border Wall and Urging the City of Berkeley to Divest from Companies Supporting or Participating in the Construction of a Border Wall; Passed

3/14 Potential Recreational Opportunities at Willard Park and Pool; Passed

3/14 Tenant Protection Ordinance, Amending BMC Chapter 13.79; Passed

3/14 Opposing Religious and Ethnic Registries, Participation in the Federal Executive Order of an Immigration Ban and Restricting the Use of City Resources to Support such Registries and Bans; Passed

3/28 Request for Proposal to Develop a Specific Housing Project with Units and Facilities for Former Homeless and Other Very Low Income Residents; Passed

3/28 Support for the Investigation to Impeach President Donald Trump; Passed on consent

4/4 Addressing Berkeley’s Homeless Crisis: The Pathways Project; Passed 

4/4 Fresh Start Resolutions: Reconstitution of the Board of Library Trustees, by removal and replacement of President Julie Holcomb and Vice President Jim Novosel; Passed  

4/4 Support of AB 1506: Repeal of Costa-Hawkins; Passed on consent

4/4 Support of AB 1038: Tuition Free Public Higher Education by 2030;  Passed on consent

4/4 Referral to the Public Works Commission and the Commission on Aging: Rename the South Berkeley Senior Center to the “Henry Ramsey Jr. South Berkeley Center”; Passed

4/4 Support SB 584 California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program; Passed

4/25 Comprehensive Study of Emergency Services Call Center, Staffing and Development Systems; Passed

4/25 Amending Berkeley Municipal Code Section 23C.22.050 re: Short-Term Rental Regulations; Adopted on second reading

4/25 Referral to the City Manager: Adopt Section 8 Landlord Incentives; Passed

4/25 Funding for an Anti-Displacement Public Advocate; Passed

4/25 Budget Referral for Legal and Mental Health Support for Immigrant and Religious Communities Targeted by Trump; Passed

4/25 Small Business Support Package; Passed on consent

4/25 Support AB 946 Resist the Wall Act; Passed on consent

4/25 Budget Referral: Wearable Body Cameras for Berkeley Police Department Officers; Passed

4/25 Budget Referral: $25,000 to the FY 2017/18 Budget Process for SupplyBank.Org to Expand School Supply Distribution; Passed on consent

4/25 Citywide Restaurant Event to Support Deportation Defense: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed on consent

4/25 Oppose President Trump’s Proposed 2018 Budget; Passed on consent

4/25 Support of SB 721 – Statewide Balcony Inspection Standards; Passed on consent

5/2 Support of AB 45, California School Employee Housing Assistance Program; Passed on consent

5/2 Referral to the Budget Process: Funding for Anti-Displacement Programs; Passed

5/16 Changes in the Affordable Housing Mitigation Fee; Passed

5/16 Supporting Environment California’s Statewide Goal of 100% Renewable Energy; Passed on consent

5/30 Establish Socially Responsible Investment Policies; Passed on consent

5/30 Budget Referral: Youth Listening Campaign & Citywide Master Plan; Passed on consent

5/30 Support of Energy Upgrade California; Passed on consent

6/27 Support the City of Oakland’s Efforts to Create a Public Bank by contributing $25,000 toward feasibility study; Passed on consent

6/27 Resolution Reaffirming Support for the Paris Climate Agreement and Other Efforts to Combat Climate Change; Passed on consent

6/27 Create and fill the Housing Inspection and Community Services Manager position to better oversee the Housing Code Enforcement Program; Passed on consent

6/27 Amendments to Housing Retention Program to increase eligibility; Passed on consent

7/11 Support Efforts to Keep In-Custody Arraignment Hearings in Oakland and Not Move Them to the East County Hall of Justice in Dublin; Passed on consent

7/25 Amending City of Refuge Policy Regarding Procedures during ICE Interaction; Passed on consent

7/25 Authorizing Transfer of Funds to Rent Board for Eviction Defense Contracts; Passed on consent

7/25 Land Value Recapture Policy and Inclusion in the Adeline Corridor Plan to generate more money for affordable housing; Passed

7/25 Study of Civic Center Revitalization, Including the Veteran’s Memorial and Old City Hall Buildings and Civic Center Park; Passed

7/25 Support SB 169: Strengthening Enforcement of Sex Equity in Schools Receiving State Financial Assistance; Passed

7/25 Expediting Elements of Previous Council Referral to Study Possible Scenarios of the Loss of Federal Funds; Passed

7/25 Commercial Cannabis Regulations and Licensing; Passed

9/12 Appoint Christine Schildt to the Berkeley Housing Authority Board; Passed on consent

9/12 Oppose the National Defense Authorization Act; Passed on consent

9/12 Support the City of Oakland’s Regional Public Bank Feasibility Study; Passed on consent 

9/12 Support the Shattuck-Adeline Greenway Visioning Project; Passed on consent

9/12 Berkeley Stands United Against Hate; Passed on consent

10/3 Oppose the Ending of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); Passed on consent

10/3 Letter Expressing the City of Berkeley’s Support for the Formation and Continuation of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Programs in California; Passed on Consent

10/3 Parallel Permitting Process; Passed on consent

10/17 Berkeley Holiday Fund: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed on consent

10/17 Establishing Berkeley Homeless Fund; Passed on consent

10/17 Support the Medicare for All Act of 2017; Passed on consent 

10/17 Proactive Response to Statewide Hepatitis A Outbreak; Passed on consent

10/17 Reporting City Expenses Associated with Event and Protest Activity; Passed on consent 

10/17 News Helicopter Noise Impacts; Passed on consent 

10/31 Extension of Housing Crisis Declaration; Unanimously approved

11/28 Adopt an Ordinance Amending BMC 12.27 to Allow Existing Berkeley Licensed Medical Cannabis Businesses Into the New State Adult Use Regulation and Taxation System; Passed

12/05 Budget Priorities for Expenditure of Short-Term Rental Taxes; Passed

12/05 Mayor’s Recommendations for Allocation of Unassigned General Fund Excess Equity; Passed

12/05 Ministerial Approval of Zoning-Compliant Affordable Housing; Passed

12/19 Develop Ordinance Prohibiting Companies Participating in the Construction of a Border Wall from Contracting with the City of Berkeley; Passed

12/19 Establishing Council Budget Committee; Passed

12/19 Send Letter to Presiding Judge of Alameda County Superior Court Regarding Delaying Scheduled Evictions during Winter Months; Passed

Jesse Arreguin