2018 Council Items

01/23/18 Adopt a More Student Housing Now Resolution to Facilitate Both University and Private Housing Investment in the Campus Area as Soon as Possible; Passed

01/23/18 Establishing a Joint Subcommittee for the Implementation of Housing Laws; Passed

01/23/18 Replace Berkeley City Limit Signs to Read: “Welcome to Berkeley”, “LOVE LIFE!", “Sanctuary City” and “Ohlone Territory”; Passed

01/30/18 Amending BMC Chapter 9.04: Tax Rate for Non-Medical Cannabis Businesses; Passed

02/13/18 Declaring Berkeley a Sanctuary for Adult-Use Cannabis Customers, Providers, and Landlords; Passed

02/13/18 Supporting SB 100 - California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: Emissions of Greenhouse Gases; Passed

02/13/18 Opposing Threats of Imminent Heightened US Immigration and Customs
Enforcement Activities in the Bay Area; Passed

02/13/18 Referral to the City Manager to Submit a Filing to the CPUC Recommending Adjusting Electric Rule 20 to Better Serve the City of Berkeley and Other Communities with Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones; Passed

02/13/18 Amending BMC Chapter 9.04: Tax Rate for Non-Medical Cannabis Businesses; Passed

03/13/18 Supporting the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act; Passed

03/27/18 Adopting a Resolution in support of Vision Zero to Eliminate all Traffic-Related Fatalities in Berkeley by 2028; Passed

03/27/18 Supporting AB 1884 (Calderon) Plastic Straws on Request; Passed

04/03/18 Supporting SB 912- Housing: Homelessness Programs and Affordable Housing; Passed

04/26/18 Ordinance Codifying Regulations for Sitting, Lying, Dogs and Objects on Sidewalks and in Parklets; Passed

05/01/18 Support the Alameda County Child Care and Early Education Initiative; Passed

05/01/18 Support SB 1227 - Encouraging the Creation of More Student Housing; Passed

05/01/18 Sign the Cities Open Internet Pledge for Net Neutrality; Passed

05/15/18 Budget Referral: $30,000 to the FY 2019 Budget Process for SupplyBank.Org to Expand School Supply Distribution; Passed

05/15/18 Tracking of Short Term (90-day) and Other Date-Certain Council Referrals; Passed

05/29/18 Support AB 2308: Banning Butts to Eliminate Toxic Cigarette Waste; Passed

05/29/18  Declaring a California Homelessness State of Emergency; Passed

05/29/18 Support for AB 2874 (Health Facilities - Access to Emergency Care); Passed

05/29/18 Implementation of Secure Storage Program; Passed

05/29/18 Supporting Community Requests for Audit of Alameda County Sheriff's Office Budget; Passed

6/12/18 Placing a Measure on the November 6, 2018 Ballot Supporting the Development of Vision 2050: A Long-Range Sustainable Infrastructure Plan; Passed

6/12/18 UC Berkeley Master Leasing of Student Housing; Passed

6/12/18 Excused Absence for Councilmember Cheryl Davila; Passed

6/12/18 Excused Absence for Councilmember Lori Droste; Passed

6/12/18 Fossil Fuel Free Berkeley; Passed

6/12/18 Supporting Strong Public Sector Unions Post Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court Decision; Passed

6/12/18 “Women of the New Deal” Conference Co-Sponsorship by City of Berkeley; Passed

6/26/18 Budget Referral: $120,000 for Enhanced Lighting Along Ohlone Park in Key Areas; Passed

6/26/18 Fee Waivers for Berkeley Repertory Theatre Live/Work Artist Housing; Passed

6/26/18 Budget Referral: Funding a Pedestrian-Activated Crosswalk Across Gilman at Peralta; Passed

7/10/18 Declaring a “No Hate Week” in Berkeley; Passed

7/10/18 Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS): Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Fund to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed

7/10/18 Women's Daytime Drop-in Center: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Fund to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed

7/10/18 Ordinance Allowing Currently Permitted Non-Cannabis Nurseries in Specified Areas to Become Commercial Cannabis Retail Nurseries; Passed

7/10/18 Comprehensive Report on Homeless Services; Passed

9/13/18 Fire Administration Financial Management and Professional Standards Enhancements; Passed

9/25/18 Disposition of City-Owned, Former Redevelopment Agency Properties at 1631 Fifth Street and 1654 Fifth Street; Passed

9/25/18 Farmers’ Markets Investment; Passed

9/25/18 Traffic Circle Vegetation Maintenance Policy; Passed

10/2/18 Berkeley Holiday Fund: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed

10/2/18 Refer the Police Review Commission to extend time period to impose discipline on Berkeley Police Department officers pursuant to Police Review Commission findings; Passed

10/2/18 Refer the Police Review Commission to create training requirements for Police Review Commissioners; Passed

10/16/18 Commit $6 Million toward construction of 35 affordable housing units for seniors at Oxford Apartments, a project of SAHA; Passed

10/16/18 Approve Installation of Cameras at San Pablo Park and Environment Safety Assessment for street; Passed

10/16/18 Amend earlier referral regarding use of sidewalks; Passed

10/16/18 Explore non-criminal options for enforcement of sidewalk regulations; Passed

10/16/18 Administrative regulations for temporary, non-commercial objects on city sidewalks; Passed

10/30/18 Budget Referral: Increasing Safety at San Pablo Park ; Passed

10/30/18 Resolution in Opposition to Local Pesticide Preemption; Passed

10/30/18 Endorsement of the East Bay Regional Park District Measure FF on the November 2018 Ballot; Passed 

10/30/18 Referral to the Civic Arts Commission to create interactive family-friendly art attractions; Passed

11/13/18 Budget Referral: RFP to Address Gaps for Marginalized Youth in Berkeley; Passed

11/13/18 Resolution in Support of the Berkeley Unified School District Sustainability Plan; Passed

11/13/18 Adopt a Resolution Supporting the UNITE HERE Local 2850 Hotel Workers Strike; Passed

11/13/18 Create and Implement Additional Sensitivity Training Options for Taxi Drivers; Passed

11/27/18 North Berkeley BART Site Recommendations ; Passed

11/27/18 Pledge to Actively Support Diversity Recruitment for the City’s Boards and Commissions ; Passed

11/27/18 That the Council approve a letter of support to stop the deportation of the Benavides-Pineda family ; Passed

11/27/18 Encouraging Long-Term Tenant Stability ; Passed

11/27/18 Refer to the City Manager to consider boycotting Amazon for its role in tracking immigrants in cooperation with ICE ; Passed

12/4 Work with the Turtle Island Fountain Project to revitalize the Civic Center Park fountain; Passed

12/4 Authorizing additional inclement weather shelter from December 2018-April 2019; Passed

12/11 Establish a traffic circle policy task force to evaluate current traffic circle vegetation policy and conduct a community led process to ensure pedestrian/bicycle/ vehicle safety; Passed

12/11 Send a letter to SutterHealth requesting a plan to retrofit Alta Bates Hospital or sell to another operator; Passed

12/11 Adopt Single Use Disposable Foodware and Litter Reduction ordinance; Passed


Jesse Arreguin