2019 Council Items

01/22/19 Support a Green New Deal ; Passed

01/22/19 Support of SB 18 – Keep Californians Housed Act; Passed

01/22/19 2019 City Council Committee and Regional Body Appointments; Passed

01/22/19 Resolution Reaffirming the City of Berkeley’s Commitment to Roe v. Wade ; Passed

01/29/19 Support for SB 24 (Public University Student Health Centers) ; Passed

01/29/19 Support for SB 42 (Getting Home Safe Act); Passed

01/29/19 Support for AB 68 (Accessory Dwelling Units); Passed

01/29/19 Vision Zero: eliminating pedestrian, bicyclist and traffic injuries and fatalities; Passed

02/19/19 Declaring a California Homelessness State of Emergency ; Passed

02/19/19 Support for AB 161 (Skip the Slip); Passed

02/19/19 Contract:  Recruiting Advertising and Marketing Strategy for the Berkeley Police Department 
; Passed

02/26/19 Dorothy Day House License Agreements: Veterans Memorial Building and Old City Hall 
; Passed

02/26/19 Receipt of and Contract Authorization for Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Community Benefit Program; Passed

02/26/19 Establishment of Traffic Circle Policy Task Force ; Passed

02/26/19 Adopt a resolution to denounce and oppose white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups including their actions ; Passed

02/26/19 Ensuring the Sustainability of the Berkeley Flea Market ; Passed

02/26/19 Support for AB 177 (Election Day Holiday) ; Passed

03/12/19 Adoption of the 2018 Strategic Update to the EveryOne Home Plan to End Homelessness ; Passed

03/12/19 Authorizing the Addition of 2700 block of Belrose Avenue to the Street Sweeping Program ; Passed

03/12/19 Measure O Oversight Committee and Measure P Homeless Services Panel of Experts ; Passed

03/12/19 Persian New Year Festival: City Sponsorship and Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds; Passed

03/12/19 Use of Gender Neutral Language in City Documents ; Passed

03/12/19 Affirming the City of Berkeley’s Support for the People of Tibet ; Passed

03/26/19 Support for SB-190 Fire Safety: Building Standards ;Passed

03/26/19 Budget Referral: $30,000 to UC Theater Concert Career Pathways Education Program From: Mayor Arreguin and Councilmember Davila;Passed

03/26/19 Holocaust Remembrance Day Event: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds from General Funds and Grant of Such Funds;Passed

03/26/19 Honoring Healthy Black Families, Inc.: Relinquishment of Council Office Budget Funds to General Fund and Grant of Such Funds;Passed

04/02/19 Co-Sponsorship and Budget Referral for the 2019 Bay Area Book Festival;Passed

04/02/19 Opposition to Eliminating Settlement Conferences for Unlawful Detainer Cases;Passed

04/02/19 Proclamation in Honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day ;Passed

04/02/19 Adopt a Spot Initiative ;Passed

04/02/19 Support for SCA-1: Public Housing Projects ;Passed

Jesse Arreguin