How Do We Act in the Face of Bigotry?


We are all deeply concerned about the planned alt-right rally set to take place in Civic Center Park on Sunday, August 27 and know that many Berkeley residents are eager to stand up to the organizers’ racist and hate-filled message.

With that in mind, my office is working with community groups to organize alternative events for that day, where Berkeley residents can show their opposition to racism, xenophobia and bigotry that have no place in our city. These events will be held further from downtown and will include know your rights trainings, performances, and speeches where Bay Area residents can be together in a safe, powerful and positive way.

We will send more details early next week, including locations. Please stay tuned.

Again, in the interest of everyone’s safety, we ask that you do not attend the event at Civic Center Park and stay away from the downtown area. Put simply, past incidents at Civic Center Park have resulted in significant violence as agitators use the cover of peaceful protesters to attack others, including through the use of explosives.


Jesse Arreguin