Building our future >> budget accountability

While Berkeley already engages in a meticulous budget process, Mayor Arreguin believes in transparency and fiscal accountability.


The Mayor is committed to fiscal responsibility, and his office has worked with the City Council, City Manager and City Auditor to improve the City’s fiscal health while simultaneously avoiding major cuts to social services.

That's why, starting in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the City of Berkeley is increasing its reserve fund to over 13 percent of the overall budget.

Doing this will increase stability in the event of fiscal crises and cushion the blow during economic downturns, without necessitating immediate drastic measures.


In a national climate of corporate influence over politics, Citizens United and alternative facts, accountability can always be improved. 

To that end Mayor Arreguin plans to create a Council Budget Subcommittee and a Mayor’s Citizens Budget Committee in order to accomplish the twin goals of promoting public transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

These two groups will bring together residents with budget experience to improve the presentation of the budget, investigate new sources of revenue, evaluate cost effectiveness, and address unfunded liabilities. With the formation of these two groups, the breakdown of spending on City programs will be clearer on future budget reports and more accessible to the public.